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Since 1989, TICKNER continues to deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients’ health and safety programs. This enables you to focus on your core business. Our team of highly skilled experts deliver superior service with new and innovative safety solutions to clients who own, lease, build or manage commercial and institutional properties; construction projects; governments; hospitals; and most every other sector where workplace safety is a critical issue. We identify, develop and implement proven strategic health and safety solutions designed to make the management of construction safety easy for workers and supervisors while producing first-class results in complex and often-challenging environments. We stand by our safety credentials and vast years of experience; we value integrity and the highest standards of ethics; and we guarantee that our efforts for your health and safety program will help you save money. We take great pride in helping empower workforces through education and awareness to ensure your business operation is based on sound health and safety practices and in compliance with government policies, procedures and regulations.

We define our success by the value and impact we deliver on behalf of our clients. It’s what we do. We are unique, We are passionate. We love what we do.

Our Services

Workplace Safety Audits

Auditing is an effective method for ensuring compliance and improving an organization’s prevention systems. Employers need to first establish and implement a health and safety program before performing a safety audit. Audits serve two primary purposes. They determine what is working and what is not. This is a critical component of an effective safety management system.
It’s what we do.

Training & Education

Once a workplace safety policy and program has been established, management, supervisors and workers need to be trained in the plan. We customize training for workers and businesses, to provide them with the knowledge to create and maintain safe workplaces. Working at Heights, First Aid, CPR, WHMIS and Supervisory Competence are just a few of the critical programs we customize for clients.
It’s what we do.

Policy / Procedures Development

Very few organizations take the time and trouble to create decent policies; not surprisingly, we see some of the more deficient ones when we prequalify policy for major builders and developer projects. It is the reason we have a full-time expert in research and design on staff. We design for need only. Every policy and procedure document is developed, written updated with the individual client in mind.
It’s what we do.

Compliance Methodology

Those with limited experience use antiquated methods for compliance. We use a variety of systems including modern analytics to identify needs and build a compliance plan around that information. The key is education, so that clients can understand our approach and communicate with all levels of their organization, followed by intolerance. If you want to help prevent accidents, we know how to help.
It’s what we do.

Emergency Response

The actions taken in the aftermath of an emergency are critical. We are experts in emergency response methodology, not by choice but because people turn to us when they need help. Our pre-emergency preparation ensures delays are minimized and people know how to respond. Chaos is not part of the process. We have a reputation for being able to deal with these situations with calm and expertise.
It’s what we do.

Investigations / Legal Insights

Workplace investigations can be a tangled mess of trouble when they are conducted by people who lack the knowledge and expertise to gather all the pertinent facts and information. Many reports are simply done wrong. If you don’t want to place your firm, brand or reputation at risk, turn to us. It is always worth your time to talk to us. We know the rules. We have the network to get it done right.
It’s what we do.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein


For Life Threating Emergency, please call 911.

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