Health And Safety Excellence program

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Why Join?

  • The new program expands service and delivery options, making it accessible to more businesses across Ontario. It integrates the Small Business, Workwell and Safety Groups programs into a single health and safety program that encourages continuous improvement.
  • Our program provides businesses with the opportunity to invest in their workplace health and safety and improve their workplace culture. The program helps businesses create a healthier and safer workplace, which could result in lower premium rates, earning rebates and recognition.
  • There are four components to our program:
    1. Businesses select a WSIB-approved provider to work with, complete an assessment to help determine where they should start in their health and safety journey and develop an action plan to work on health and safety topics of their choice.
    2. Businesses learn how to complete topics with the help of a provider.
    3. Businesses submit evidence of their topic completion for review by a WSIB validator.
    4. Businesses receive a rebate on their WSIB premiums and recognition for investing in a healthier and safer workplace, including digital achievement badges.


  • Rebate on premium
  • Lower premium rates
  • Company name on WSIB website
  • Certificates and badges premium rates
  • Aligned with COR, ISO, SOSE
  • Workplace safety culture improvement


Special Offers for Clients.

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  • Rebate Calculator - Calculate your minumum and maximum rebates.
  • Safety Check - Search workplace health & safety statistics by business name, type, size.




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